How to become an online casino partner


Affiliate marketing involves the webmaster investing his own funds in advertising campaigns and other ways to attract traffic, and the advertiser pays for the attracted customers at a predetermined price. The cost of attracting new users must be lower than the amount of commissions received. This is what makes up the webmaster’s profit. Otherwise, the campaign goes into negative territory and the affiliate bears losses. This is the main risk of this business.

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The advantage of traffic arbitrage as a business is its freedom and scalability. Firstly, webmasters are not tied to a place, they need a stable Internet connection and money to attract traffic. Secondly, after linking links to profit, they can be easily scaled up by increasing the cost of advertising and employees, other webmasters.

If you prefer to work alone, this area is also suitable. Solo arbitrageurs also receive high returns on their investments. And the preparation of materials for the launch of advertising campaigns can be outsourced.


To get a commission for a player, it is necessary to motivate potential users to follow the affiliate link in the casino and complete the targeted action. By evaluating whose link a new user comes from, the advertiser understands who to pay the commission to.

These are the main targeted actions for which online casinos pay: registration, first deposit, re-deposit, the total amount of deposits for the entire period of client registration, the amount of income received from the client.

Gambling traffic arbitrage provides for the following types of payments:

CPA is payment for a targeted action, usually for registration or the first deposit. This type of payment usually has the lowest commissions, but it is the easiest way to get traffic.

Revenue share – the casino shares part of the income received from the user with the webmaster. Such a scheme of cooperation is offered to affiliates whose traffic has already been verified earlier. Sometimes the advertiser shares the losses with the webmaster. Great option for passive income.

Hybrid – payments for the target action and a percentage of the profit received from the player.


The amount of payout for one player depends on the target action and the potential income that it can bring to the casino. The advertiser always calculates these factors in order not to get a loss. For example, the most expensive players are residents of developed Tier 1 countries, middle-aged men. Users who not only registered, but also returned many times, topped up the balance and played. Therefore, you should not think that it is a working scheme to catch up with the non-target audience of the casino for registration and receive payments for this. Advertisers calculate such actions using the funds hold. Usually the initial hold is 14-30 days, during which the incoming traffic is checked. Thus, bots and fraudulent traffic are eliminated. For conscientious webmasters, in the future, the hold decreases, and the payout percentage increases.

Subject to the conditions of the casino, and the competent launch of advertising campaigns, you can expect at least 100% return on investment.


To get high-quality traffic for a gambling offer, you need to find a relevant audience and present the promoted online casino to them. The most profitable users are those who independently look for a casino for registrations. Therefore, advertising in search engines, social. networks, SEO-promoted sites gives the highest conversions.

The decisive factors for player registration are brand credibility, ease of registration and verification, and variety of games. In your advertising campaigns, you should focus on these points. You can also attract players with various bonuses and free spins for registration. It is important to understand that these conditions used in the advertising campaign must be agreed with the advertiser. Otherwise, the webmaster will receive a huge number of registrations and subsequent departures of players. Such traffic most likely will not be paid by the advertiser.

In an ideal advertising campaign, you need to convey to the user the opportunity to get cool emotions that he will receive from the game, the reality of payments and security. Otherwise, the success of the campaign depends on the campaign targets and the advertising platforms on which they are launched.


It will be difficult for a novice webmaster to start working with an online casino directly. And it is inconvenient for an advertiser to work with many small teams and solo affiliates that attract small amounts of traffic. To organize such work, there are affiliate programs that create a service for webmasters to work and attract traffic to advertisers for a small percentage.

For a webmaster, the advantages of working with an affiliate program are that it is easy to register, get an affiliate link, track statistics and receive payments. Moreover, everyone has a personal manager who controls the interaction between webmasters and advertisers.

It is convenient for an online casino to place your offers in an affiliate program and get thousands of partners, transferring all the work to the shoulders of affiliate programs.

Many affiliate programs have a lot of gambling offers for various working conditions. The fact that a webmaster can work simultaneously on several offers or GEOs is also a big plus. When choosing an offer, a personal manager will give his recommendations, but it is better to start with trusted brands.

There are also affiliate programs directly from advertisers. They will not have a variety of different casino brands, but the work of the program itself is built around the promotion of one brand. This gives a more loyal attitude towards webmasters and higher payouts compared to regular affiliate programs. As well as bonuses in the form of exclusive promotional materials, increased rates, new brand offers that are not available to affiliates from other affiliate programs.